Beach club "Buccanos" Bar & Grill

"natural beach, dining & vacation in cozumel"

Buccanos Cozumel Bar and Grill
Beach club location

Buccanos Bar&Grill has a white sandy beach and direct entrance to the
Caribbean Ocean...
Hotel zone north of Cozumel
Playa San Juan Beach Costera Norte Km 4.5

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We wish we could just
stay here all day,
best stop on our cruise.
Being able to walk in and
stand in the ocean while
drinking a beer is awesome!!
Carnival Cruise Ship passenger
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BUCCANOS .................. paradise as it was intended

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A perfect place to stimulate your senses. The sea, sun, and breeze are all companions to your Mexican day on the beach.
Enjoy gourmet breakfasts and lazy lunches, swim in the ocean, snorkel in the sea, and sip margaritas while watching the sun set on departing cruise ships. Bustling and easy-going….a comfortable place for an unforgettable day in Cozumel. Fast pace or lazy, there is something for everyone at this unique island paradise



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Oceanside swimming pool, rated one of the top beach snorkeling with natural sand walk-in beach, seaside restaurant with bar, umbrellas and palapas, showers and lockers, beach massages, snorkel equipment and kayak rental, repel/rock climbing facility, boat dockage, wave runners and parasailing, boutique, poolside internet access.


The original site of the first Christian ceremony in Mexico by Hernan Cortez. Located on private San Juan Beach ………the northern shore, just a five-minute taxi ride from downtown Cozumel or ten minute from the cruise ship pier.

Beach club Bar Grill Restaurant Buccanos

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